The Fault in Our Stars


Once in a while comes a story so amazing that all I am able to do is just sit in awe of it. When I read, no devoured, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green I couldn’t even think about my own novel, because The Fault in Our Stars is pure genius literature, and my novel is a chip packet in comparison. John Green is seriously a legend and kids and big kids a hundred years from now are still going to be devouring this stuff.

The film actually worked too. I mean how many times do you go to the cinema to see your latest favourite YA turned into a movie only to walk out chatting non stop about the changes they made, how the book was better and that the casting was insane? I walked out of the cinema after watching this movie just feeling emotions and that is the whole point right?!

I long for the day to see my YA time travel 1980’s romance novel on the big screen, which judging from this week’s rejections by literary agents in my inbox isn’t happening any time soon, but it doesn’t make me any less special because the world doesn’t know about me.

Thanks John Green for reminding me of that. ❤

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Sixteen Candles


Yesterday was 30 years since Sixteen Candles was released. What a freaking awesome movie! If you’ve never seen it your life is not complete.

I thought I’d celebrate by posting an excerpt from chapter 3. How very exciting!!


“Nope, I look exactly the same as I have since summer. Utterly forgettable,” said Molly Ringwald as Magz stuffed a spring roll in her mouth.

“Chinese is so good,” said Jack loading his fork with sweet and sour pork and swinging his legs up onto the coffee table.

“How’s the pork?” Magz asked through a mouth full of spring roll.

“Awesome,” said Jack. “Thanks for dinner.”

“Thank the parentals. Thank Mastercard.”

“Priceless.” Jack slurped on his Pepsi.

“You know, my parents forgot my birthday one year,” said Magz as Molly Ringwald stood downstairs waiting for someone to say Happy Birthday.

“Shut up,” said Jack taking a spring roll off her plate.

“I was twelve. That night they came home at nearly midnight with a cake and presents, pretended they hadn’t forgotten. Like it was all just a joke and it was meant to be a surprise, but it was so obvious. I sat here all night watching the Back to the Future trilogy. Alone. On my birthday. Doc Brown was just about to turn up with the steam train.”

“You were just a kid,” said Jack shaking his head. “But still, there are worse ways to spend a birthday.”

“Oh, I’ve definitely had worse birthdays.”

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T is for TimeRiders


This is one of my favourite YA series. It’s got time travel, it’s got dinosaurs, steampunk, distopian futuristic NYC, monks, knights, loads of crazy sci-fi stuff and some pretty awesome characters. I’m only up to book 4, but doing this post about these books is making me want to get cracking! 

Each book is a different story, so essentially you don’t need to read from the start to enjoy these. There is a through running plot as well though which is really cool and worth starting from the start to experience.

My favourite TimeRiders book so far was Day of the Predator. Which was weird because time travel stories about dinosaurs usually just really suck, but this one was killer – RAAARRRR! T-rex style!

The only downer is that there is no love story. I know a lot of folks like a love story in their YA fiction, so sorry if you were expecting that.

It’s kind of like Dan Brown-ish but for kids/YA/adults who like time travel and dinosaurs. 


double love #1

S is for Sweet Valley. This is my Sweet Valley High blog which I used to be really into. I kind of gave up on it after realising there were so many hundreds of SVH books still to read and I was basically signing my (reading) life away by reading them all, because I have like, a real life too. Haha! Enjoy. x

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the first book in the sweet valley series like EVER! omg! it was like so weird to read this one after i’ve read like 20 others, but WOW it was like SO AMAZING! and i can kind of see now why some of the really annoying horrible things happened in sweet valley confidential even though i still think it was horrible to write those things down on paper. type those things down on paper. whatever!

SO jessica likes todd because he is the star basketball player and she is head cheerleader, makes sense that they should be together hello! todd likes liz because she’s not totally mental and self absorbed, but is still blonde and hot and even though she’s a writer and she’s like smart and stuff, she actually looks like a cheerleader – the PERFECT WOMAN y’all! LIZ likes todd because he’s hot pretty much, and because he’s…

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G is for Ghost and the Goth


It’s been a while since I read these books, but I highly recommend.

If you’re looking for literary fiction John Green style you may be a little disappointed.

But if you’re into annoying dead cheerleaders and dark brooding teenage medium dudes you might like these books. Easy to read, easy to like, easy to love!

And I just realised that my theme for this A to Z theme has headed straight in the direction of my writing influences. Cool I have a theme! Woo! Yay!