It’s gotta be a strange twist of fate

A little Olivia Newton John magic for a Friday! If you haven’t seen Two of a Kind you really need to. It’s like when Danny and Sandy grew up, became criminals and lived in Manhattan in the early 80’s.

You know I always wanted Olivia Newton John and John Travolta to end up together… ❤



Ten reasons to watch Teen Witch – 1989


I remember loving this movie when I was a kid and so when I found myself with a head cold this week and Clockwork Prince finally finished I headed over to Netflix and typed into the search box – 1980s and when Teen Witch came up I was like yay!!! It’s about a gazillion times better than The Craft or Sabrina the Teenage Witch, or even Bewitched!

Teen Witch blends everything that is cool about magic and the 80’s into 90 minutes, like hello, if you could do magic you wouldn’t really be off fighting the Dark Lord or whatever, you’d totally be using your powers to become the most popular girl in school, don’t even try to deny it! Harry Potter’s got nothing on you Lousie Miller!!

There are so many reasons to check this movie out, but here’s the top ten reasons why you need to see this movie!


1. Retro psychics who pretend to be frauds but are actually totally legit but not all that ethical.



2. Riding bikes in tutus.



3. Bitchy cheerleaders who do choreographed dance sequences in the locker rooms dressed in leotards.



4. Dudes that rap and dance like this.:



5. Putting magic spells on your mates so they can rap and be cool for once in their lives.



6. The kid brother. This guy was amazing. You have to watch the trailer below to see this kid in action. He’s like a bitter old man in a kid costume.



7. Stone wash jeans.



8. Boys who look like Ken dolls and wear muscle tops.



9. This hairstyle which attracts boys who look like Ken dolls even without magic!



10. They just don’t do proms like they used to. Remember when everyone used to dance like this?!

teen witch dress


Check out the trailer for all the good bits, or just go watch the movie, you seriously won’t regret it!



Time Traveller’s Scrunchie gives Teen Witch five stars!






The Fault in Our Stars


Once in a while comes a story so amazing that all I am able to do is just sit in awe of it. When I read, no devoured, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green I couldn’t even think about my own novel, because The Fault in Our Stars is pure genius literature, and my novel is a chip packet in comparison. John Green is seriously a legend and kids and big kids a hundred years from now are still going to be devouring this stuff.

The film actually worked too. I mean how many times do you go to the cinema to see your latest favourite YA turned into a movie only to walk out chatting non stop about the changes they made, how the book was better and that the casting was insane? I walked out of the cinema after watching this movie just feeling emotions and that is the whole point right?!

I long for the day to see my YA time travel 1980’s romance novel on the big screen, which judging from this week’s rejections by literary agents in my inbox isn’t happening any time soon, but it doesn’t make me any less special because the world doesn’t know about me.

Thanks John Green for reminding me of that. ❤

large (2)




10 awesome reasons to watch Better Off Dead (1985)!


Nothing makes me happier than discovering an awesome 80’s movie I haven’t seen yet. And because one of my male lead characters in my time travel YA 1980’s romance novel kind of looks like John Cusack I’ve made a list of  80’s John Cusack films and I’m so slowly working through them.

Better off Dead was such a super nice surprise. It was pretty awesome. From the first few minutes I was giggling like a 1980’s school girl and basically, I loved it and I think you will too!

Here’s 10 reasons you aren’t Better Off Dead – because if you were dead you wouldn’t get to watch this movie… unless you were a ghost and it turns out that ghosts can come over and watch movies with you, but let’s leave that idea for the next YA trilogy.

Reason 1 – Love sick John Cusack.


Reason 2: Aviators, because the 80’s was so not just about Ray Ban Wayfarers you guys.


Reason 3 – pouty teenage John Cusack. I mean come on girls… and boys who like boys…


Reason 4 – 1980’s beauty tips… or should I say cue tips? LOL! 


Reason 5 – it’s like the only movie ever made where the only way to win a girl’s heart is to ski real good.


Reason 6 – Burgers in love. ❤


Reason 7 – French exchange students who don’t quite have it fluent. 


Reason 8 – Rubber glove drag races.


Reason 9 – John Cusack wearing a pig nose.


Reason 10 – The guy who actually owns the Camero John Cusack drove in the movie! (I so need a Camero!)


Stay tuned to for more reasons to watch every John Cusack 1980’s movie ever made!



80’s school girl crush swoon!

The Neverending Story – Where are they now?!


I was watching the Neverending Story (again) last night and I got to thinking – what the hell happened to those kids? None of them look familiar and no one has ever really talked about any of them for years so I thought I’d do a little research Time Traveller’s Scrunchie style…

OK, remember this  kid?


That’s Bastian. He’s the kid who sits in the school’s attic for the whole movie, reading books and eating apples. He is so me when I read a book.


And I have nothing clever to say about this unicorn gif, I just had to put it in. So anyway, here he is now…


Barret Oliver looks like he never left the attic and probably doesn’t get a lot of requests for autographs I reckon. Barret quit acting in the late 80’s and became a Scientologist, a printer and a photographer specialising in 19th century film processes, whatever that is. He’s also had a book published called ‘A History of the Woodburytype’ which is available on Amazon for all you die hard fans.

How about this kid?!

giphy (1)

Wasn’t she just the cutest little cherub of a childlike empress?! Don’t cry empress, Bastian will give you a name even if you can’t work out what the hell it is.


Tami Stronach also quit acting and went on to become a professional dancer. Oh you can totally see her in a pair of ballet shoes! She’s still dancing and you can find out all about her pretty awesome dance career here.

But what about ATREYU?! He’s the one we really wanna know about! The warrior who went on the quest to end all quests to stop the nothing only to have his horse Artax die in the Swamps of Sadness. :’-(


Well he’s alive and well and living in LA, building Choppers and tattooing people for a living. OMG I totes wanna get ATREYU to do my tattoo!!!! :-O


Cool bananas! But don’t fret guys, after like thirty years he’s back taking acting classes! He recently appeared in a couple of B-grade movies including a thing called Sushi Girl so we might be seeing more of him soon!


Whooop! You can also friend him on Facebook here!


Young Adult


This was a super-cute movie. OK, not so much super-cute, mostly it was kind of depressing and I kept watching it wondering if this would be my life if I hadn’t met my awesome boyfriend, because a lot of it was kind of too scarily close for comfort. But that’s what I love about these art-housey type films. Some of them are kind of pretentious, but this one was just really real. A little slow moving at times, but hey, so is life, and it’s not like you have anything better to do. Except for maybe writing your own novel, but after seeing this movie your own novel may not seem so important after all… (aaaw!)

Mavis is a young adult author, ah, kind of, she’s actually a ‘ghost writer’, which if you ask Kate William (who wrote the Sweet Valley High books) is kind of the same thing. Basically the premise is – Mavis forgot to grow up. She was so caught up in writing for teens and living like a teenager herself that she gets to 37 and she’s still getting wasted and acting like a child.

Let’s get one thing straight y’all (y’all? Man, I’ve so been watching too much Nashville) I do not judge about how you want to live your life. If you want to go out partying throughout middle age and not get married and not have kids and just do you then power to you! But Mavis doesn’t seem real happy about her choices and so she ends up going back to her crappy little hometown, convinced she’s meant to be with her ex-flame who’s wife just popped one out and who also just happens to be… Esme?! Needless to say – chaos ensues!


I really liked this movie. It was quirky, sad and awkward, but it was also witty and it had a soft edge. It’s about letting the past go, and growing up, if you want to.


X is for Xanadu

When people ask me “what’s your favourite movie of all time?” I always say Xanadu. Then they look at me like…


I basically know the whole movie, lyrics and lines, by heart. When I was a kid I used to choreograph the whole soundtrack on Sundays while listening to the record. Then when walkmans got invented I taped the vinyl ONTO a tape and listened to it while I roller-skated around in circles in the garage after I got mum and dad to move the cars out.

I have never not lived in a world where Xanadu didn’t exist and for that I am truly thankful. And because I watched it pretty often throughout my whole childhood (and adulthood) I thought I’d share with you some of the the awesome things I learnt about life from watching it so much.

1. Being alive is awesome!


2. You are not just one thing. You can be a cowgirl, a sexy minx, a rockabilly pin up, the girl next door, or a magical muse!


3. True love is real, but it’s not always easy! Sometimes you’re not human and your boyfriend is, but you can make it work!


4. Auras are cool! And they change colour when you’re sad.


5. Coincidences and signs always mean something, like when this album cover was supposed to be of just the building, but when they got the film developed Kira was there! WOAH!


6. Gene Kelly is just about the coolest guy ever.


7. Everyone can get along if they try, just like when Sonny wanted electric guitars and Danny wanted old school jazz. Click the link for the video!  Dancin’

8. Fitness should be fun! Ditch the gym guys, and get your skates on!


9. Follow your dreams! Here’s an invitation.

692a804679d9fc2828009f990f529224 (1)

10. Because dreams can come true! Naaaaaaw!


E is for Emmett

Emmett Brown. 


What more can I say?

Nothing really. He’s amazing, and if you don’t know who he is you’ve missed out on life.

But I thought I might use this opportunity to discuss the mystery of the two DeLoreans


In 1955 the Doc goes back to 1885 in a DeLorean, which I will refer to as DeLorean I. He puts DeLorean I in a cave so Marty can go back from 1955 to 1985, Marty gets DeLorean I out of said cave, and it appears to be working fine except for a chip in the circuits which needs replacing. DeLorean I goes back to 1885 instead of 1985 with fixed chip, but when it enters 1885 the gas tank gets crapped on by an arrow. No more gas. Thus ensues a whole movie based on fixing the DeLorean Marty brought back from 1955, but hang on… isn’t there still a DeLorean in the cave? The one Marty gets in 1955 would still technically be in the cave in 1885 right? Making Marty’s DeLorean DeLorean II. If there can be two Martys and two Docs, why can’t there be two DeLoreans? And, if there are two DeLoreans, why can’t they go check if there’s any gas left in the tank of the one in the cave? Or are we just meant to assume it was empty too?! Arrrrgh! I need to know!