Inspirational YA time travel novel writing art!

I love searching through Pinterest and Google for inspirational images to get me in the writing zone. I often spend hours (when I should probably be doing something else) Googling 1980’s fashion, adverts and recipes. It’s like chilling out, taking a break, getting inspired and working on your project all at the same time!

Anyway, today I came across an image so freaking cool and SO my novel that I was like – OMG this is perfect! I need it for the cover or something.  Ashton Kutcher of all people (seriously not that sure why I’m following Ashton Kutcher, I mean his movies are OK I guess, but I’m not like in the fandom or anything) posted this article  yesterday about this awesome artist called David Jablow. What he does, amongst other things, is he finds these cool retro kitsch doodle pads…


And just when you think you’re going to see some badly drawn boobs, he does something like this:


For those of you who don’t know what the hell this Time Traveller’s Scrunchie thing is, basically I’m writing… no wait, it’s finished! I wrote a YA novel about time travel and the 1980’s and there is actually a calculator watch in it, and later in the triology some of these other things, like the chic from the 70’s make an appearance!

I just freaking love it, and you should totally go check out his website to see all the other amazing things he’s done!



The Neverending Story – Where are they now?!


I was watching the Neverending Story (again) last night and I got to thinking – what the hell happened to those kids? None of them look familiar and no one has ever really talked about any of them for years so I thought I’d do a little research Time Traveller’s Scrunchie style…

OK, remember this  kid?


That’s Bastian. He’s the kid who sits in the school’s attic for the whole movie, reading books and eating apples. He is so me when I read a book.


And I have nothing clever to say about this unicorn gif, I just had to put it in. So anyway, here he is now…


Barret Oliver looks like he never left the attic and probably doesn’t get a lot of requests for autographs I reckon. Barret quit acting in the late 80’s and became a Scientologist, a printer and a photographer specialising in 19th century film processes, whatever that is. He’s also had a book published called ‘A History of the Woodburytype’ which is available on Amazon for all you die hard fans.

How about this kid?!

giphy (1)

Wasn’t she just the cutest little cherub of a childlike empress?! Don’t cry empress, Bastian will give you a name even if you can’t work out what the hell it is.


Tami Stronach also quit acting and went on to become a professional dancer. Oh you can totally see her in a pair of ballet shoes! She’s still dancing and you can find out all about her pretty awesome dance career here.

But what about ATREYU?! He’s the one we really wanna know about! The warrior who went on the quest to end all quests to stop the nothing only to have his horse Artax die in the Swamps of Sadness. :’-(


Well he’s alive and well and living in LA, building Choppers and tattooing people for a living. OMG I totes wanna get ATREYU to do my tattoo!!!! :-O


Cool bananas! But don’t fret guys, after like thirty years he’s back taking acting classes! He recently appeared in a couple of B-grade movies including a thing called Sushi Girl so we might be seeing more of him soon!


Whooop! You can also friend him on Facebook here!


Architectural Afterlife

Johnny Joo. What an awesome name. I’ve been trying to think of a writer alias last name for ages. Johnny Joo (pronounced Yo) is the best name ever. But what’s even cooler than his name is his photography.

I’m totally in love with his photos of abandoned places. I’ve been trawling through them for days and being a writer I feel like each one is a short story, a YA novel or an entire series! I’ve got to admit the hospital ones really freak me out, but below I’ve added a bunch that I thought were particularly awesome. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did and make sure to check out this guy’s work!


I love the abandoned school pics. Introducing my next series of YA novels – Dystopia High.



It’s the end of the world as we know it, but you still have to go to PE/Gym class. Nooooooooo!!!



Did anyone ever see that really bad TV movie Terror in the Mall?



The abandoned bowling alley is one of my faves. What happened here? Why didn’t you even take your awesome retro ashtrays?!



And you forgot your shoes. I love that there is a pair still on the counter.



This diner. I mean, don’t you even put the plates away after your last shift?



And this is probably my favourite of all. The school that’s always closed, because every day is a snow day.



O is for Open Road (AKA adventures in crop circles)


I just love a road trip. Being out on the open road, Bruce Springsteen blaring from the speakers, windows rolled down, nothing to do except drive, eat candies and sing a long to Thunder Road. It’s so retro and magical! I’ve been on some pretty amazing road trips. I’ve done the east coast of Australia, the west coast of the USA, parts of the east coast of the USA, Canada and good chunk of the UK and Scotland. Driving across the entire USA has been on the bucket list for years now and I really must do that soon! The new addition this week to my bucket list is eating a deep fried Twinkie. I was doing some research about Twinkies for my book this week and found this amazing picture on Pinterest:


But today I wanted to share with you guys one of my favourite kinds of road trips – the crop circle road trip! I only live a couple hours away from the epicentre of crop circles in the UK which is pretty awesome, and I’m just hanging out for the season to start again this year so I can go again. Last year I went with my bestie and it was one of the coolest days out ever!

We stopped on the way to the crop circles to get lunch at the coolest stone circle ever – Avebury. The pub is actually inside the stone circle which is AWESOME! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Stone circles are some kind of time machines, I’m sure of it.


After taking about six hours to work out how to put co-ordinates into the Sat Nav we finally found the crop circles! This is really cool, people tie little ties to the crops to let you know this is where it is!



So we walked in a little way and then… BOOM! You are in a crop circle!



And then here’s little me lying in a crop circle. It was SO COOL! I wanted to stay there and wait for the aliens to come get me and take me home!



Driving through the little English villages on the way back home we saw the most awesome thing – a phone box full of books! It was like some kind of community book swap. Amazing idea. I mean it even had a fire hydrant, just in case!


So where are you going on your next adventure out on the open road?!


M is for Misfits


Today I’d like to talk about plot holes. Huge gaping plot holes that make everything that happens afterwards in your story not make any sense at all.

Oh yeah, I apologise but this post contains Misfits spoilers for seasons 1-3. If you haven’t seen it, definitely go watch season 1 and 2 for free right now on 4OD and then come back! If you’ve already seen it, or probably can’t be bothered then you may continue…


I LOVED season 1 of this show. Love love loved it. The writing was good, the characters were awesome, the plot was killer and everything was all peachy-keen. I was like chowing down on my dinner in front of the TV watching it every night.

The premise is that a bunch of kids are out on community service, doing their time for mostly petty crimes, oh hang on, trying to burn someone’s house down isn’t that petty, but anyway. Then there’s a freak storm and afterwards loads of people, including the ‘misfits’ have “powers”. Mostly the powers come in the form of something that you always wanted, or something you wanted at the time the storm hit. Awesome premise, I love it!


Everything carries on just awesomely until we get to the bit about future Simon which creates the STUPIDEST PLOT HOLE you’ve ever heard of. Basically future Simon has been running around in a costume helping the misfits out. It’s pretty cool really, until it ALL GOES WRONG!


Curtis has this cool time travelling power. AWESOME. he uses it at the end of episodes when everything has gone totally whack to basically clean up all the messes. This got annoying about the third episode they did this. It was like – oh well, doesn’t matter what happens, Curtis will just go back in time and fix everything.


But then some SERIOUS messes happens and people die and it all goes nuts and SIMON puts on his hoodie and THIS MOMENT is the instigator for him turning into future Simon later. Except that Curtis takes everyone back in time…

SO ACTUALLY THIS NEVER HAPPENED except that it STILL becomes part of the story, even though it never happened because time travel erased it. I mean didn’t ONE person pick up on this? One of the writers, one of the actors? ANYBODY?! Hello?!


I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

But there’s a valuable lesson to be learned here – CHECK YOUR PLOT HOLES especially when working with time travel!

But it is good, and I do highly recommend watching seasons 1-2. Season 3 got a bit lame, half the good characters left and that’s always a downer, so I stopped watching. But definitely watch season 1!





E is for Emmett

Emmett Brown. 


What more can I say?

Nothing really. He’s amazing, and if you don’t know who he is you’ve missed out on life.

But I thought I might use this opportunity to discuss the mystery of the two DeLoreans


In 1955 the Doc goes back to 1885 in a DeLorean, which I will refer to as DeLorean I. He puts DeLorean I in a cave so Marty can go back from 1955 to 1985, Marty gets DeLorean I out of said cave, and it appears to be working fine except for a chip in the circuits which needs replacing. DeLorean I goes back to 1885 instead of 1985 with fixed chip, but when it enters 1885 the gas tank gets crapped on by an arrow. No more gas. Thus ensues a whole movie based on fixing the DeLorean Marty brought back from 1955, but hang on… isn’t there still a DeLorean in the cave? The one Marty gets in 1955 would still technically be in the cave in 1885 right? Making Marty’s DeLorean DeLorean II. If there can be two Martys and two Docs, why can’t there be two DeLoreans? And, if there are two DeLoreans, why can’t they go check if there’s any gas left in the tank of the one in the cave? Or are we just meant to assume it was empty too?! Arrrrgh! I need to know! 





D is for Donnie Darko


What kind of time travel related blog would this be without making some kind of reference to Donnie Darko? One of the weirdest, greatest, creepiest, confusing and awesome time travel movies ever made.

I must’ve seen it about 8 or 9 times and you know what? I’m just going to admit it. I still don’t totally get it. I get bits of it, I get some of it, I have a lot of theories about it, but I don’t totally get all of it. This explanation just doesn’t cut it for me, it just seems way too convoluted.

But if writing about time travel has taught me anything about time travel, it’s that time travel is convoluted.

I’m trying to make my story as simple as possible, but it’s not so easy. It’s like every time a character says something, I have to check like two other time periods to make sure it fits in with what happens later, and before. I guess I can see how the writer of DD got themselves to this point where actually no one could ever work it out without Googling, unless they were some kind of genius. Maybe I should have just chosen to write about vampires because let’s face it, there just aren’t enough YA novels about vampires (joking).

If you worked out Donnie Darko on your own, or you have a different theory I’d seriously love to hear it!



B is for Benatar

So I loosely based one of the characters in my novel on Pat Benatar. No, not loosely based, I have a character who looks just like her. It wasn’t intentional. I wrote the character first, and then saw a picture of Pat Benatar a bit later and I was like – OMG, I’ve totally just based Janet on Pat Benatar! Sub-concious casting?!

Janet is kind of like my Gandalf, except she’s in her mid-late twenties and is an English teacher at a Catholic High School in the middle of nowhere in a desert in 1983. She may or may not be a time traveller. But seriously, as if you base a character on Pat Benatar and not make her a time traveller, right?

One of the best Benatar clips ever is for Love is a Battlefield. I always wanted to be able to dance in public like this. I do try. Quite often. But it doesn’t usually get the same response as Pat’s dancing does in this video clip.

Enjoy! x

The Soundtrack to my Novel

Many moons ago I was a poor student living in Sydney. You could often find me rocking out to a band called Dappled Cities at the Hopetoun Hotel or wherever else they were playing, while drinking beers and wearing a huge fluffy white giraffe jumper.

I don’t know what ever happened to that jumper, but the band is still around and one of the singers, Dave Rennick, just pulled this sublime track out of a time machine.

Dave, I really do hope you want to write the soundtrack to my novel. In case you’re new here, it’s basically a YA fiction about a girl whose life totally sucks so she goes back in time to 1983 and goes out for pizza with the cool kids instead.

Dave Rennick – nailed it.


Bryan Adams is Buddy Holly reincarnated

I was driving home from my day job today listening to a podcast about past lives. It’s a long drive and you can only listen to Journey’s greatest hits so many times a day, so I’m always listening to stuff that I find interesting, like how to stop procrastinating (iProcrastinate), paranormal investigations, UFO stuff, Angels and the afterlife, just the normal 9-5 grind stuff right?!

Anyway, today I’m listening to Andrew Brewer, AKA the Rock and Roll Psychic, talking about past lives. He starts talking about how in the early 80’s every time he heard this song he’d see Buddy Holly like standing in his living room. The song stops getting so much airplay and Andrew forgets about it. But sometime later, he hears another song and there’s Buddy Holly again, clear as day! So he goes to research a bit about this artist who turns out to be BRYAN ADAMS and checks the two birthdays against each other. 9 months and 2 days between Buddy Holly’s death and Bryan Adams’ birth. I mean seriously?! Andrew was like – come on, you died at 22 at the height of your music career, the first thing you wanna do is get back to what you’re doing. Oh yeah, and like Bryan Adams had his first hit single at the age of 22.


So then I came home and did a little of my own research which pulled up that the song ‘There will never be another tonight’ had the original title of ‘Buddy Holly idea’ because it reminded everyone of ‘Peggy Sue’. So OMG you guys.

Bryan Adams is totally Buddy Holly reincarnated!

Check out the pictures and videos below for the pictorial evidence!


You guys seeing it now?!


How about now? When I matched up these two pictures I was like – yep. This is total proof!

BUT THEN! I watched these two videos like at the same time, the first one for a bit, the the second one for a bit, like just a few seconds each. YOU WILL TOTALLY SEE IT!

I’m 100% convinced this is real you guys. If I wasn’t already so far into my time travel to 1983 YA novel I’d write this story instead.

In other reincarnation news, Miley Cyrus says she was Lil Kim in a past life.

UPDATE******* This blog post disappeared yesterday (11.3.14) from the internet. CONSPIRACY MUCH?! So I asked Bry what the deal was and here it is, confirmed for y’all! BOOM! x