The Almighty Johnsons!

I just finished my Almighty Johnsons marathon and I just had to tell everyone to watch it! The best show I’ve watched in ages. So refreshing to watch something that is first of all – not American, no offence America but you kind of own TV. And the subject matter – a bunch of random guys who just happen to be Norse Gods?! Awesome. So much awesome!┬áIt’s on Netflix and wherever else you get your TV from.

Five stars.

Check it out!!



P is for Press Gang


My absolute favourite TV show from the late 80’s and early 90’s was Press Gang. I loved it with all my heart and soul, and why wouldn’t I?!

Check out this bunch of reasons it was so totally awesome!

It was written by Steven Moffat who’s probably better know for being the writer of Doctor Who, but I still think Press Gang was his best work.


Dexter Fletcher played Spike, the insatiable American who I had the HUGEST crush on. I mean come on, look at those Ray Bans! I remember feeling just a little bit devastated when I found out his American accent was fake. So random when he turned out to be Nathan’s dad in Misfits!


They always tackled hard hitting topics like glue sniffing and gun clubs. Remember this guy?


The tension between Spike and Lynda was just INSANE. I swear it’s the best sexual tension I’ve ever seen on TV. That’s not even a joke. Why didn’t they end up happily ever after in real life?!


Oh yeah, and Colin. God love him. A complete disaster with a heart of gold.


And here’s a little clip to leave you with. Despite what Lynda says I always thought this was the BEST pick up line I’ve ever heard. Go out and try it on somebody today, I’d love to know if it works! Then invite them over for a cooked dinner of noodles and chicken (which is the most awesome clip featuring Spike and Lynda but I can’t find it on the internet anywhere!) and then sit on a comfy couch with them and watch Press Gang all night! x