An A to Z about A to Z

Well that was intense.


And now here’s the “what did I learn” reflection-y bit.


A blog a day is hard to do. I’m going back to a blog a week now, unless something seriously amazing happens.

Blogging takes a lot of time. I need to blog less, but better and spend more time on other writing projects, like my novel!

Couldn’t always think of good things to blog about and some of my posts sucked – like Q for Quints. Was that really the best I could do?

Didn’t spend as much time looking at other blogs as I would’ve liked.

Everyone that completed the challenge is awesome!

Finally! (How I felt when it was finished!)

Going to do better blog posts now I’m not being controlled by the alphabet! (Oops, already failed at that!)

Hello to all my new followers! I have so much appreciation for anyone that clicks on me, likes me, follows me or leaves a comment.

I am glad I finished it, honestly didn’t know if I was going to make it there at one stage.

Jealous of so many cool blogs on the internet!

Kindness in the blogging community, support and positivity really kept me going!

Large chunks of writing don’t make me want to read to the end. No offence, but blogs can be the best blogs in the world but if they have too many words I’m probably not going to read them. Probably like this one. Ha!

More blogs about the 1980’s would be good. I found like only 3 80’s blogs. Not good enough people.

Not all the cool blogs I found were doing the A to Z challenge. Loads of them I just found organically and some of them were the best!

Other bloggers are mostly really cool! (except that one guy)

People who put themselves out there on the internet – YAY YOU!

Qunits! Argh, Q!

Really glad I did it. Really glad it’s over!

Snacks. I needed more of them. Some people voted at the start for me to blog about snacks. I’m thinking about doing a retro snacks section. What do you guys think?

Time to read again! I’m currently reading Clockwork Angel and loving it! Ah Cassandra Clare! x

Understanding this blogging thing so much better.

Very tired now. Can I just go sit on the couch and watch Game of Thrones?!

What do people really want to read about on my blog? Still asking that question!

Xanadu is basically life lessons on roller-skates

You can accomplish anything (if you put your mind to it!)

Zzzzzzzzzz (that’s me asleep now that this is all over!)



Z is for ZZ Top

What I love about this video is that the women in it are so normal looking but the guys are acting so crazy about them. Here’s to normal looking women breaking hearts in gas stations everywhere!


Y is for Yazz

So predictable. A time travel/1980’s/YA books blog blogging about Yazz on Y day. Well jeez, what did you expect?

Also not a lot of good stuff starts with Y. I was going to do a long moany post called “Y is for Yes A-Z is nearly finished I can have my life back”, but I decided to try to be a little more positive and just post this awesome uplifting song about plastic populations (or was that the name of the band?!) and actually the lyrics are kind of sad if you listen to them. I guess the whole point is that the only way is up, so usually people are feeling pretty down when they say that, but then why the hell is everyone so happy? Must be the outfits. Or the large amount of bleach that has been used on Yazz’s hair.


X is for Xanadu

When people ask me “what’s your favourite movie of all time?” I always say Xanadu. Then they look at me like…


I basically know the whole movie, lyrics and lines, by heart. When I was a kid I used to choreograph the whole soundtrack on Sundays while listening to the record. Then when walkmans got invented I taped the vinyl ONTO a tape and listened to it while I roller-skated around in circles in the garage after I got mum and dad to move the cars out.

I have never not lived in a world where Xanadu didn’t exist and for that I am truly thankful. And because I watched it pretty often throughout my whole childhood (and adulthood) I thought I’d share with you some of the the awesome things I learnt about life from watching it so much.

1. Being alive is awesome!


2. You are not just one thing. You can be a cowgirl, a sexy minx, a rockabilly pin up, the girl next door, or a magical muse!


3. True love is real, but it’s not always easy! Sometimes you’re not human and your boyfriend is, but you can make it work!


4. Auras are cool! And they change colour when you’re sad.


5. Coincidences and signs always mean something, like when this album cover was supposed to be of just the building, but when they got the film developed Kira was there! WOAH!


6. Gene Kelly is just about the coolest guy ever.


7. Everyone can get along if they try, just like when Sonny wanted electric guitars and Danny wanted old school jazz. Click the link for the video!  Dancin’

8. Fitness should be fun! Ditch the gym guys, and get your skates on!


9. Follow your dreams! Here’s an invitation.

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10. Because dreams can come true! Naaaaaaw!


V is for Vinyl (10 of my faves!)

“Vicci, can you please turn the record over?” says the voice of my childhood. I roll my eyes and do it anyway. What a pain! When are they going to invent a machine that turns the record over by itself?! 

But now I love turning records over. You wanna hear it? You have to make it happen! These days we get pissed off if Spotify doesn’t have some random obscure song from 1981 that no one else even remembers. Spotify should have it dammnit! Grrrrrrrr! Why can’t I listen to that song immediately?!

But records are great. You have to go out and buy them, and then put them on, and then turn them over, and OMG how about trying to skip a track? That takes some serious vinyl skills right there.

Here is, in no particular order, 10 albums that I think just sound better on vinyl… 
























U is for Urgent

One of the bands that has been heavy on my Spotify (what the hell have they done to Spotify?! Seriously!?) playlists while I’ve been writing my novel is Foreigner, and I couldn’t resist sharing this video… and those JEANS! WOW!


T is for TimeRiders


This is one of my favourite YA series. It’s got time travel, it’s got dinosaurs, steampunk, distopian futuristic NYC, monks, knights, loads of crazy sci-fi stuff and some pretty awesome characters. I’m only up to book 4, but doing this post about these books is making me want to get cracking! 

Each book is a different story, so essentially you don’t need to read from the start to enjoy these. There is a through running plot as well though which is really cool and worth starting from the start to experience.

My favourite TimeRiders book so far was Day of the Predator. Which was weird because time travel stories about dinosaurs usually just really suck, but this one was killer – RAAARRRR! T-rex style!

The only downer is that there is no love story. I know a lot of folks like a love story in their YA fiction, so sorry if you were expecting that.

It’s kind of like Dan Brown-ish but for kids/YA/adults who like time travel and dinosaurs. 


double love #1

S is for Sweet Valley. This is my Sweet Valley High blog which I used to be really into. I kind of gave up on it after realising there were so many hundreds of SVH books still to read and I was basically signing my (reading) life away by reading them all, because I have like, a real life too. Haha! Enjoy. x

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the first book in the sweet valley series like EVER! omg! it was like so weird to read this one after i’ve read like 20 others, but WOW it was like SO AMAZING! and i can kind of see now why some of the really annoying horrible things happened in sweet valley confidential even though i still think it was horrible to write those things down on paper. type those things down on paper. whatever!

SO jessica likes todd because he is the star basketball player and she is head cheerleader, makes sense that they should be together hello! todd likes liz because she’s not totally mental and self absorbed, but is still blonde and hot and even though she’s a writer and she’s like smart and stuff, she actually looks like a cheerleader – the PERFECT WOMAN y’all! LIZ likes todd because he’s hot pretty much, and because he’s…

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