It’s gotta be a strange twist of fate

A little Olivia Newton John magic for a Friday! If you haven’t seen Two of a Kind you really need to. It’s like when Danny and Sandy grew up, became criminals and lived in Manhattan in the early 80’s.

You know I always wanted Olivia Newton John and John Travolta to end up together… ❤



The Almighty Johnsons!

I just finished my Almighty Johnsons marathon and I just had to tell everyone to watch it! The best show I’ve watched in ages. So refreshing to watch something that is first of all – not American, no offence America but you kind of own TV. And the subject matter – a bunch of random guys who just happen to be Norse Gods?! Awesome. So much awesome! It’s on Netflix and wherever else you get your TV from.

Five stars.

Check it out!!